Fantastic April!

Posted in THE BIG JUGS EXPERIENCE [TBJE] on May 4, 2010 by Kev TBJE

What a great time we had this month with 3 big TBJE events!!!

First, 9th @ The Cellar ‘Easter Party’ was top with everyone getting down with the EGG HUNT!

Congratulations to all who found an egg and won a present, and special HUGE cheers go to Dave and Memi for winning the main KIT KAT EASTER EGG prize!!!

Bands were..







Crowned in Ruin/One Year Experiement Kris(nice Wig!),Brandon(nice bunny ears!) and Drew(nice pikachu suit!)


Royal Gathering III, 16th @ Chika-Ikkai featured some quality acts including..

cool Kyoto New-Wave Rockers VELVEJIN


yours truly ROYALINSERTS and special guests from the UK…


Keeping the party pumping was FuckFever

and the adorable NYC.

Unfortanately the weather did its best to dampen the sprits of the Osaka gig-going faithful, however thanks to all that made it down and were brave enough to try Gav’s ‘Chile Con Carne`!!


Finally we finished off April in the capital with TBJE TOKYO 11 24th @ Freedom Bar IKEBUKURO.

Shopaholic were superb with their new line-up

Dan's the geezer!

99 LETTERS had a spot of bad luck having overheated the PA system in 2 minutes flat!

He will have his revenge however, and cause absolute chaos on the next Tokyo visit!

CutThroatConvention delivered a top-drawer performance that had the Tokyo crowd up and cheering on their feet and wanting plenty more from where that came from!

ROYALINSERTS broke the mic stand and electric cable to something important! Meanwhile, the DJ contingent of Tokyo’s finest including HOSHINA ANNIVERSARY, KinKies and MINCE(From Fraps) kept the dance beats going to electro exctacy!

The 2 beauty stars of the night came from the wonderful DOMINIKA with her delightful music and voice, and delightful other bits!

plus Rinko from MOLICE with her loveable voice and loveable other bits! [hey we’re talking about music here!]

Sincere apologies to those that came to watch MOLICE and were unable to see them due to it getting too late. Depsite being an hour later than scheduled however, MOLICE perfectly headlined the show and ended to whistles, raptuous applause, and a completely satisfied crowd! In the end, it was a party of non-stop action,and endless noise which almost had 2 events going on simultaneously!! The fact that Freedom Bar sold out of beer tells it’s own story, the damage to property and to the personal health of those that attended tells another!!
A massive thanks to all those that played and came along to make it an amazing night!!

So here’s to May! Next up is The Big Jugs Experience 42 FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE, May 14th @ The Cellar. Full details coming soon!!!

The Big Jugs Experience 41 @ The Cellar, 14th May 2010

Finally thanks again to CutThroatConvention for making April’s events special! The band will be starting their own event DOUBLEDGESCISSOR in London from June – check out their event site!!